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Buying Organic in Adelaide
Organic retail stores

Adelaide has four main organic stores - three are ORGAA certified retailers and one certified by the BFA. The ORGAA stores are Central Organics (stall 72 at the Adelaide Central Market), The Enchanted Broccoli Forest at Norwood, and The Organic Market, at Stirling. All are old, established stores, with long-term dedicated customers. They offer a range of products, although Central Organics has much less shelf space for the processed and bulk produce, and concentrates of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Stirling Organic Market has a popular cafe and the widest range of processed foods.

Terry Wilson's store moved out of the Central Market and across the Road so that it could trade six days per week. It is certified by the BFA and now includes the only dedicated organic wine shop in Australia.

One uncertified stall remains inside the Central Market and there are several smaller outlets. The mainstream grocers are certainly experimenting with organic produce, especially when the price of organic produce approaches conventional price. It is also noticeable that 'insecticide free' citrus, 'unsprayed' fruit and various other claims are now commonly encountered. Organic meat is available in the freezer section of The Organic Market, and fresh organic meat and poultry is available at Barossa Fine Foods (Central Market), David Jones (city store) and from local butchers in up-market areas. For example in Stirling, where household income is high, and the awareness of organic food is heightened by nearly twenty years of organic retailing at The Organic Market, two of the three butchers generally have organic cuts on display.

While there are no dedicated organic restaurants, the organic origin of main ingredients is now featured on the menu for many eating establishments. Gourmet restaurants such as Jeavons (Willunga) and the recently opened vegetarian restaurant, 'Sunshine' (City) try to buy organic whenever possible (Russell Jeavons has a garden in the restaurant courtyard).

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