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This section describes organic techniques and equipment, and contains interviews with organic gardeners.

You may find it useful to start with the pages on Organic Principles and basic organic gardening methods. There are also planting guides and many useful tips and hints

The benefits of organic growing are available to every gardener, even beginners. An important first step is to recognize the importance of humus and organic soil management.

Great Gardens
They have a diverse garden, where they grow a wide range of crops for food and for seed.
Maria and Hugo produce most of their vegetables, year round, so space saving and organisation is important.
Practical Advice
Olives can be grown on all soil types except in boggy conditions.
The most popular method of growing vegetables out of season is to use a greenhouse.
One of the main reasons store bought produce is so lacklustre is the fact that the fruit and vegetables have been stored, and poorly at that.
Failure in the beginner's vegetable garden is often due to attempting to grow crops at the wrong time.
Saving seeds from different types of plants requires a variety of approaches
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