Gardening - Weed Control
weed control

These pages explain how to identify pests and manage them from an organic perspective. Topics include physical and cultural controls, biological controls and permitted organic pesticides.

Mulching materials can include a wide range of plant debris or vegetative material, mineral aggregates or a variety of natural and synthetic fibres.
Although we may win an occasional battle, weeds are the ultimate guerilla force.
A new thermal weed control machine for use in under vine applications.
Waipuna is a hot water weed control company. Originally a New Zealand idea, their products are now marketed in Australia.
Solarisation is the use of direct solar energy to heat soil to a temperature sufficient to kill plant pests and pathogens and weed seeds.
Thermal weed control is a recent arrival in Australia.
The black plastic technique can be very useful for difficult weeds.
Gas fuelled flame weeding offers a good option for the gravel and brick paved areas.
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