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Olives can be grown on all soil types except in boggy conditions.
The most popular method of growing vegetables out of season is to use a greenhouse.
One of the main reasons store bought produce is so lacklustre is the fact that the fruit and vegetables have been stored, and poorly at that.
Failure in the beginner's vegetable garden is often due to attempting to grow crops at the wrong time.
Saving seeds from different types of plants requires a variety of approaches
While conventional growers feed the crop, the organic grower feeds the soil and the many micro and macro organisms living in it.
Many garden failures are due to incorrect watering, either using too much, or too little water.
Companion planting takes this one step further, by growing different plants adjacent to each other for a purpose.
Grafting means joining part of a plant onto another. Usually, this is done to propagate plants that do not come true to type from seed and cannot be struck from cuttings.
Plants established in September and October should produce their first fruit by Christmas.
In autumn, they warm up earlier, that can mean a crucial few weeks head start on the tomatoes.
While organic growers prefer to use no pesticides, there are times when it is a choice between no crop or using some form of poison.
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