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from Tim Marshall's personal experience, and his friends. Find out how to grow healthy, successful organic fruit, and return to see regular updates and seasonal advice.

Featured Articles
Their early blossom is a welcome sight, when the rest of the orchard trees are bare.
Passionfruit are a popular garden plant as their scrambling habit is put to good use to hide unsightly fences and walls.
Rumours have mature trees dropping over a thousand dollars worth of nuts per year.
Growing apple or pears to cosmetic perfection by the organic method is difficult.
European plums have smaller fruit than their Asian counterparts, have drier flesh and have a more aromatic taste.
Citrus are nearly all self-fertile and will tend to set more fruit than is needed.
Of all nuts, the hazel is the easiest to grow and the most neglected in Australia.
These fruits bear on shoots that grew last year and need trellising for support.
The flavour of tree ripened peaches, apricots and nectarines bears no resemblance to the rubbish sold in shops.
Strawberries are very easy to grow, provided their requirement for copious quantities of food and good drainage are met.
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