Top price for organic sheep
McLure Sheep
McLure Sheep

Trevallyn station, home of the McClure family, raises organic sheep, cattle and crops, about 70 km north of Wilcannia. They recently sold a flock of 232 merino lambs, with the top price received being $149.76, and an average price of $110.18, believed to be a new record high for a consignment of 200 sheep or more. The sheep were sold to “Cleavers’ and slaughtered at the Yanco abattoir.

The flock of wether lambs were born during the drought of 2002 and had little feed for the first eight months, They were not fed supplementary feed either, and struggled along in really tough conditions.

Murray McClure from Trevallyn said the lambs had a really hard time until March this year, but their recent growth highlights the resilience of the West Darling country and the versatility of the South Australian Merino.

The lambs were sired by rams from the SA Tintinara Stud of J & H Ashby & sons, “South Rose” and WB and CA Ashby, “Taunta Downs”.

McLure Sheep
McLure Sheep

The photos here show the wethers being yarded and shorn, only two weeks prior to sale. The premium price paid for these NASAA certified organic lambs, $5.20 Kilo hot weight on hooks, represents and excellent achievement for Trevallyn and an unquestioned recognition of the rapidly expanding organic meat market, and the quality of organic produce.

Murray McClure said “the West Darling country, being naturally chemical-free, can capture the increasing demand for organically raised produce, and the premiums attached to this market”.

“We think many producers in the pastoral country of Australia can follow our example to produce to organic standards, such as those offered by NASAA. We now produce sheep, cattle, oilseeds and wool to these standards."

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