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Annual crops

Annual crops

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Mount Jagged is located 15km from Victor Harbour, on the Fleurieu Peninsula.
Barry describes his method as “small-scale intensive polyculture”.
Southern Vales Foods has been formed to promote and encourage bushfoods and to encourage that learning.
One of the most successful owner operated organic vegetable enterprises in Australia.
John Bullock speaks about biodynamic-organic growing methods and about his reasons for becoming a certified garlic producer.
Malcolm and Sue Loechel and their children are BFA certified farmers who farm at Nildotie, in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia.
Angus and Lise Fisher are BFA certified vegetable producers on Millbank Farm,.at Terara, near Nowra, N.S.W.
It is twenty-two years since the first turning of the sod on this organic vegetable and strawberry farm at Delamere, an hours drive south of Adelaide on the Fleuriou Peninsula.
Permaculture in action.
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